The objective of Google Developers Group is to have the most diverse developers base. We believe diversity leads to a greater, variant number of ideas and opinions which directly translates to a better functioning community. In that capacity, we are focused on giving a friendly, safe and inviting condition for all, paying little mind to sex, ethnicity, financial status, and religion. GDG VIT Vellore prides itself on being an open, conscious, and comprehensive group.

The following set of rules outlines our expectation for each individual who participate in our group, and also the outcomes for inadmissible conduct. We welcome each individual who take an interest in Google Developers Group to help us make a diverse, safe, open community for everyone.


At GDG VIT, we have an open culture where we believe the unity of ideas based on their values rather than the origin this implies that anyone from the highest authority to the newest member has the equal right to freedom of speech and the acceptance of the views of others within the group. We also agree to use any knowledge and power for the betterment of our group and a society as a whole.

Expected Behaviour

Respect should be given to every member irrespective of cast creed and religion and or any other Non-GDG linked status Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech. Due credit and recognition must be given to any developer whose code has been used in any ongoing projects. Everyone has open access to the codes and to submitting additional snippets of codes to existing projects which enhance or increase efficiency and is subject to the review of the project developer Chapter’s hierarchy is to be maintained and respected at all times. Moreover, any issues or queries must be placed through the correct channels or officials. Anything that does not comply with the chapter’s hierarchy or working can be deemed invalid and GDG will not be responsible for any consequences. Sharing of any private user data which has been collected by GDG or through the projects by GDG is strictly forbidden. Any unauthorized use of the aforementioned will lead immediate action by the chapter against any violating individuals or groups Your actions, statements or views made by any member within the club will be respected and discussed as the situation requires. Any of the above made outside the club will not be defended or validated by GDG unless direct proof or requirement is established. Use of club projects for personal use without proper approval from the developer and the organizers will be not accepted Misleading companies when contacting them on the behalf of GDG will not be allowed. Anything promised to the companies for securing any benefits should be passed through the organizers.

Unacceptable Behaviour

Physical violence in any form irrespective of any allegations or reason is strictly forbidden Misuse or diversion of club resources will not be accepted and the organizers has the freedom to openly demand any lost or misplaced resources. Any form of discrimination or basis based on caste, religion and sex inclusive of jokes, messages, calling out people will not be allowed. Intimidation, Harassing, following, and stalking members is a strict no and any attempt to do so will be met with dire consequences. Inappropriate touching, groping and unwelcomed sexual advances or any other acts of forced physical intimacy are absolutely forbidden. This includes sexualized comments or jokes and any cases brought up can be reported to higher authorities. Siphoning of money, food, goodies that have been acquired for any events inclusive of releases, promotions or any other possible scenario is unacceptable and will be strictly dealt with. Using night slips approved for GDG, for any work other than that of GDG which is the basis of its allocation is unacceptable. All members on night slips are required to maintain the rules imposed by VIT at all times as well during this hours. Aiding, abetting, covering up or the simple knowledge of any of the above violations of the Code of Conduct will be considered as an equal offense and will be taken up by the organizers.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behavior from any community member, including sponsors and those with decision making authority will not be accepted. In case a person breaks the above code of conduct or does anything which has affecting consequences towards GDG will be presented in front of the organizers. He/ She shall face the consequences of his action and the organizers has the power and the right to take any action against him from expulsion of the member from the community to stripping away the project he is working on. Decision of the organizers will be final and binding and cannot be challenged further. Moreover, the reading of this document renders the reader liable to any of the clauses solely based on their compliance and violation of the aforementioned and denial of the document will be frowned upon and will be adjudged as negligence of the party who denies this binding document.